The Snuffle Pro

R 475.00

It's all about the base...

The Snuffle Pro has a PVC mesh base allowing for more fleece strips, creating a superior, dense finish for the pro snuffler. It also makes the mat lighter, foldable and easier to wash!

The material is threaded all around the sides for added comfort and protection.

Base: PVC mesh


  • 40 x 30cm R475
  • Contact us for custom sizing!

Recommended colour combinations: 

  • Purple & Light Blue
  • Blue & Yellow
  • Green & Orange
  • Turquoise & Orange
  • Black & Pink
  • Black & Red
  • Shades of Blue

Or any combination of the above colours! Please note that for the Pro we can combine more than two colours so feel free to be creative.


It's all about the base...

Every day we're snuffling, snuffling...

Sing it with us!